About Us


 n 1988 Robin and I traveled to  New Orleans and fell in love with Zydeco music. We came back home and  shook up the musical community with this Louisiana-based music that  brought accordion to a stage, that was not German, in Cincinnati for the  first time.

Thirty years later we are still playing this  extraordinary music, which has evolved into our own unique sound. You  must visit Robin Lacy and DeZydeco for further exploration into that  joyful chapter of my life.    www.robinlacy.com



 What is that metal board she's got hanging on her chest, you ask??  Well, it's officially called a frottoir (cajun French word meaning "to rub") AKA  rubboard (Zydeco translation). And yes, it's a real percussion instrument invented by Cleveland Chenier, Zydeco King Clifton Chenier's brother.   Zydeco musicians use the metal board instead of  a traditional  "washboard" in amplified bands that have drummers.  Washboard players in  Cajun and old-time music keep the rhythm without drummers. Rubboards  are predominant in Zydeco bands primarily found in Louisiana. But we  decided to bring it north for the fun of it. It's all in the attitude!